Improve your legal practice, work more efficiently!

Boost your efficiency and improve your clients’ experience

Halcyon DocuMigrate provides a secure Client Portal for your clients to upload their documents.

The Casework Portal will increase your efficiency as you prepare your clients’ documents for their applications and appeals.

What is Halcyon DocuMigrate?

In Greek mythology, the Halcyon Bird had the power to calm stormy seas. Inspired by the symbolism, we have created the Halcyon DocuMigrate solution.

An intuitive document management system, Halcyon DocuMigrate provides the best digital support to any immigration law office.

The user-friendly interface helps you manage your clients’ documents and gives them real-time feedback to improve their experience.

You know how to do it. We know how to help you. 


Manage and manipulate client documents from one central portal, accessible anywhere

Secure 2-factor authentication

Secure 2-factor authentication portal for clients to upload and share documents.

Design questionnaires

Design and create questionnaire templates tailored to particular visa and in-country applications

Manage client documents

Manage client documents in PDF, Word, jpeg and many other formats.

PDF files

Reorder, merge, split and compress into PDF files for convenient upload to UKVI, UKVCAS, TLS & VFS portals.

Prepare documents for application

One-stop-shop to prepare documents for applications and appeals.

Easy to use

Maximum simplification that guarantees a positive user experience.


Complementary to any case management system, Halcyon DocuMigrate helps immigration experts focus on immigration and manage different case scenarios.

Use it to securely collect, process, and exchange documents with your clients.

Adaptable And Flexible

Halcyon DocuMigrate can be used as a stand-alone Document Management System or as a supporting module to an existing CMS.

Secure And Reliable

Allows immigration experts to receive, review and comment on data and documents received from clients.


It offers an opportunity for both an applicant and immigration professional to exchange messages relevant to the specific document via the app.