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Our Mission

Immigration practice requires you to keep many plates spinning at the same time:

  • Taking instructions
  • Assessing merits and requesting evidence
  • Managing the secure receipt of documents and case information
  • Dealing with changes in circumstances or instructions
  • Preparing the case for submission
  • Keeping the client updated throughout the process

Effective case management is key for any law firm striving to provide an optimal service to its clients. Without it, processes are far more difficult and mistakes happen. Our mission is to provide the best digital support to immigration law firms and professionals. We have made the application easy to use, guided by experience in legal practice, in order to provide the best support to your team, reduce their workload, cut out unnecessary actions and thus increase efficiency.

Organizing data and managing documents with Halcyon DocuMigrate has never been easier. It allows you to upload, organize and convert documents and pages; set up detailed profiles for each of your clients to address their immigration requests more quickly; follow each action directly from the intuitive dashboard and prepare the best possible application for approval.

Gary McIndoe

Gary McIndoe

UK-inbound specialist, founder and managing partner of Latitude Law; he has worked in the immigration space for more than 30 years.

Our Story

Good ideas often come when you least expect them; in the case of Halcyon, this was over a few beers in a Manchester bar in 2018.

Halcyon Documigrate represents the vision of two experienced immigration professionals, themselves influenced by a city which was the cradle of the Industrial Revolution, and whose creative and intellectual energy has changed the world in so many ways.

Harnessing a suite of technologies, we have created a communication platform capable of overcoming many of the difficulties inherent in the preparation and submission of visa and immigration applications.

As more and more countries embrace digitalisation in their visa processes, Halcyon was born to become an essential tool in the armoury of the successful immigration practitioner.

Milos Veselinovic

Milos Veselinovic

Founder and CEO of G Solutions Group, SEE-based provider of visa and immigration services to a broad range of corporate clients in Central and Eastern Europe.