We offer you a reliable secure tool that will make the visa process as fast and efficient as possible.

Creating and managing document-heavy cases

Halcyon DocuMigrate can be used as a stand-alone Document Management System or as an additional tool complementary to your existing CMS.

Cases can be created quickly and easily with free-text references to match any existing references.

Smart Search allows you to easily find and edit your cases.

Managing your clients

Halcyon DocuMigrate supports the crucial relationship between representative and client.

Securely manage multiple points of contact on a case – representative, client, sponsor, employer, family members etc.


Exchanging documents with the client/applicant

Halcyon DocuMigrate case management system allows immigration experts to securely collect and send sensitive documents to their clients via the Halcyon client’s portal.

Managing different immigration case scenarios

The case template module allows the system admin to prepare different case templates with tailored questionnaires and lists of required documents needed for the immigration process.



Using a built-in online survey tool

Halcyon Documigrate allows you to create and manage online immigration and visa questionnaires.

The applicant can easily access the questionnaire and fill it out and the process of capturing the client’s data relevant to the specific immigration case is much easier and convenient for both sides.

Previewing documents

Full previews allow cloud based working – just select any document from the list.

Client documents are easily converted into PDF format which can be further manipulated manipulated and compressed to suit government upload file limits.

Arrangement of document lists

All common file types are supported. Clients can provide an unlimited number of documents on each case.

Reducing the file size

The built-in function compresses any file’s size without significant loss of quality. Large, unwieldy, files are transformed into easily managed documents.


Processing files/documents

A set of powerful and user-friendly functionalities allow immigration professionals to organise pages and documents in the way they want, without wasting their time printing and scanning hard copies to prepare a file.

Creating a file cover page – bundle

Allows the immigration professional to prepare a file bundle based on the documents that are a part of the file and insert it as a cover page.


Collaborating with the client/applicant during the process

Instant messaging is built into Halcyon DocuMigrate. It allows both an applicant and immigration professional to exchange messages relevant to the specific document via the client’s portal.

User management

Every company has at least one user with administrator rights.

This person can create, activate and deactivate caseworkers’ user accounts. IT skills are not required for the administrator role. This person may also be a user with caseworker permissions.


Scheduling activities and deadline management

The Halcyon DocuMigrate calendar is an efficient tool developed to support tracking deadlines and immigration process milestones.

Alerts can be set on the document or case level. The system can notify the immigration professional and, optionally, can also notify the applicant.